Crypto Bubbles
Bubble chart for crypto currencies

This website includes a interactive bubble chart of the TOP 100 crypto currencies

Crypto Bubbles is active developed to get a serious crypto website with a fun and relaxing twist

Leave your browser window open and watch the bubbles update in realtime

Interact and get more infos of your crypto currencies by dragging and tapping a bubble

Stay here and get a new perspective on crypto market or maybe watch the next crypto bullrun live 😉

Crypto Bubbles: Quick introduction

Color of Bubble

  • Indicates the change of price over a specific period
  • Possible periods are hour, day, week and month
big bitcoin bubble

Size of Bubble

  • Can indicate different values like trading volume or price change
  • Compare different crypto currencies by their size
small cryptobubbles of nearly same size

Interact with Bubbles

  • Tap them to view extra details
  • Drag them around
  • Click on empty space to launch an explosion
cryptobubble with opened detail window

Crypto Bubbles: Want to know more?

What is it about?

  • every currency is one bubble in the chart
  • color, size and content of the bubbles is dependent on realtime data

Back story & Intention

  • project of one developer fascinated by crypto
  • plan was to create something fun and different than most boring cryptocurrency sites

Market data

  • data comes from official CoinMarketCap Api
  • reloaded every five minutes
  • cached on the server
  • chart fetches new data every five minutes


  • easy to spot trends or biggest gainers/loosers
  • visualize different market values with color, size and content of the cryptobubbles
  • get better understanding how big/small some crypto currencies are
  • just beautiful to watch

Crypto Bubbles: Feedback, questions and more charts


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  • polls about upcoming features
  • tweeting interesting charts during week


  • second most active
  • biggest community
  • more pictures of unusual crypto bubble charts


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  • will be updated on regular basis
  • used to stay in touch with people posting there

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